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DTX023 : Metal Disco - Vade Mecum

"Vade Mecum" is the second full length from "Analog Technoids" Metal Disco. 
The 10 staunchly analogue tracks, a gritty maze of hard-hitting electronics with a retro-punk aesthetic.
Melbourne's Detonic Recordings will release the LP as a deluxe tape package as part of the International "Cassette Store Day" celebration on Oct 13th.
Digital will be available as CD and download from the Bandcamp with Global distribution by Believe Digital.

Pre-order is available now:
Vade Mecum LP by Metal Disco

Starting out as a side project for Paradox Obscur main-man Toxic Razor, the Metal Disco hardware obsessed music and aesthetic never moves far from a 80s, primitive-tech, post-ebm, Cold beat, proto-punk, synth-orgy.
The 10 song collection includes collaborations with Supernova 1006, André Savetier. Mind Teardown and the title track (and lead single) features an amazing performance from Karen Batok.

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