DTX12 : Spirit Bunny LP

Spirit Bunny are an experimental-pop band from Brisbane.  Vocals and brittle circuit bent Casio keyboard melodies are nestled between slabs of buzzing Commodore 64 synths, gritty beats and pulverising drums.  Despite the predominantly 'retro' nature of the instruments - with their Commodore 64s and Casio Sk 5/8 keyboards harking back to the glorious ‘80s - there is nothing retrospective in their sound.  Despite the lack of guitars, Spirit Bunny’s chaotic blend of broken sound bears as much in common with noisey-guitar-pop bands as dark-synth-wave groups.

While thoroughly democratic in nature, with each component given equal weight, Spirit Bunny’s lyrics continue to mine the same themes explored by the groups instrumentation and diy work-ethic.  Songs simultaneously celebrate and critique consume culture with odes to inner-city rubbish collection and mindless youth consumption habits - be they 90s disposable fashion labels or packed lunches. Elsewhere lyrics, at times themselves cut-ups and found texts, comment on the mundane, comfortable, lifestyle of inner-city living.

Decidedly DIY, Spirit Bunny's debut LP comes in a hand-painted cardboard case, was recorded at drummer Cameron Smith’s studio Incremental Records (Velociraptor, Deafcult, Danyl Jesu) and features instruments circuit bent (Casio SK keyboards), modified (Commodore 64s) and built by the members. Spirit Bunny have previously released three singles, that have seen them deconstruct and remix themselves, as well as versions by others (Pale Earth, Bong YZA, Setec).

DTX11 : Ex Fulgur - Noire Sont Ls Galaxies LP

Welcome to "Noires Sont Les Galaxies" LP from Ex Fulgur,
Its minimal and dense, dark and elegant, sexy and cerebral and at times a little wobbly.
File under Sleaford Mods meet the Ex in an 80's Coldwave House Party.

Ex Fulgur is a band with two guys and a girl who are 80s' no wave post punk fans but  also also harbour a big love for the 90s' noise scene. They met each other in Rennes, Brittany, France  and this is still the place where they  continue in their peculiar way to make  music.


Odilon Violet : vocals
Saitam : machines
Mistress Bomb H : guitar 

All tracks by Ex Fulgur
Recorded by Damien Tillaut
Mixed by Ex Fulgur
Mastered by Damien Tillaut
Artwork by Badame L'Ambasadrise
Layout and insert by Odilon Violet
Produced by Kerviniou Recordz, Detonic Recordings & Le Secret, Released in March 2017

DTX10 : VvvV LP

Available now DTX10 - the self titled VvvV album. Released on Vinyl, Limited edition Compact Disk and Digital.
VvvV are a 2 piece from Bordeaux France, their music is  intelligent and layered post-punk synth-wave that transcends any attempt to pigeon hole their sound.

"En témoigne un premier extrait évident, "Clean", et son entêtante ritournelle diabolique "Hello it's me again". 

This is their Debut LP but the 9 songs show a level of confidence and some epic songwriting that puts the band way out in front of any peers they may have.

"...himmlischen Streichern und höllischen Orgeln surren, flimmern und dröhnen sie uns in psychedelische Welten."

Detonic Recordings have partnered with the French Au Trante Du Tante River Records to release the Physical Vinyl and CD, Global Digital distribution will be via Believe Digital.

"this duo creates forceful, dark and brooding coldwave tracks. Pulling inspiration from electronics, psychedelia, punk and pop, their approach to modern synthwave is electrifying."

Buy from ATRDR if you are in Europe:

And from Detonic for the rest of the world:

Or from one of these Quality retailers: 

"This Is not trying, this is executing.
Night drive to digest everything, (un)spoken words, broken glass on the ground, the addiction and loss, hard decision, a dance for the end
All these images were evoked while I listened to the nine tracks debut LP by VvvV. it's epic as our inner untold  stories, quite enjoyable if you feel attraction to synthpunk soundscapes.
In Alive the sadness sounds triumphant, the dead line, Clean is already added to my ''planning vengeance'' playlist, Slugs is effervescent, fast, music for strobes and running away Nation and Beast are two perfect fit for a Cyberpunk film.
The album as a whole is great, well balanced in dark moods, it's fierce but melodic, so you can dance, shake your head or just feel the atmospheres."

DTX09 : mnttaB - Savagery EP

DTX08 : Data Corruption 12" LP

So this is a concept album, where the original concept was a split album with Radiowave artistes covering Detonic songs and Vice Versa. 
It kinda lost the plot along the way but go with the idea there was a concept to start with… don’t get hung up on any of the finer/legal/factual details of what it actually ended up as. 
Collaboration is a bit strong a word for what happened too, despite swapping some lyrics and the odd Chord sequence each side was put together in isolation. We never heard the other songs, or even saw a track listing until the record was being put into production.. nothing wrong with stirring a good healthy serve of random into the mix. 
Ok, on our side we have real bands, we have people who claim to be bands, bands who don’t really exist, and people who have never even heard of Detonic Recordings.. but what matters this is a really strong set of tunes and it all makes up a great album. 
All songs here were recorded especially for the project and a ton of thanks goes out to all who contributed and gave their time/talent. 

WolfShield :Crazy recluse snake whisperer living in the wilds of NSW or born again techno drone superstar? maybe a bit of both.. only time will tell. Randy tackled the Project Dark song “Nudge Nudge” and the end result is so much better than the sum of its parts, squared. 
School Damage : Just Caz and Jake from the Melbourne based four piece were sufficient to blow the lid off this reinvention of the Hot Pants’ banger “Lift Off”. 
Infecticide : Thomas was given licence to rewrite the lyrics to this one, on the condition that the resulting tune was totally deconstructed from the Original ( “Atomic Suplexed by a girl” by Atomic Suplex) .… my French aint so good and the original is unintelligible so who knows what went on. Paris Dix Points. 
Piss Prunes: The Detonic house band …featuring Honary (or is that Ornery??) Victorian Jon Free on guitar and Sarah McKenna’s lungs. The brief for the Super Snipes “Aint no Nuthin” rework was to meltdown the primal garage stomper with a Big Black blowtorch. Another interpretation that is proudly unrecognisable next to the source material. 
Diesel Dudes: Direct to video as always but taking the scenic route : Oakland never sounded so f**d up… the boys have taken Sexton Mings homage to Tony Curtis and transformed it into a 16 part HBO sword and sandal cage-fight slasher smackdown: “I am Spartacus” – I don’t hear anyone arguing. 
Waterfall Person: The Melbourne midi-core legend lines up all of her Cash Convertor Bontempis to cover the London Dirthole Company classic “Never Made Me Cry”. An arrangement that is apparently embellished (as all good tunes should be) with the sound of 8bit mating tree frogs.
mnttaB : One man digital punk apologist mnttaB covers a number by old mates Headbutt. Recorded live in Rennes “The Shooting Party” was an early single from the North London Bass and Bashing combo. No lyrics were forthcoming so don’t look for any deep messages on this one. 
Our Cover art is from Carolyn Hawkins whose wonderful creations can be discovered here: http://www.carolyn-hawkins.com/

DTX07 : Yaws - Stoicism in E5 Cassette


Melbourne micro-label Detonic Recordings next release is a single from minimal Techno-terrorists Yaws.

Available in Digital and Cassette formats, DTX07 is 3 tracks of floor quaking goodness (including a brutal Total Control Dissection).

Each of the limited edition  of 70 tapes is accompanied by an attractive embroidered patch.

The lead track "UP" has almost dubbie moments of dementia as it seesaws between bass surges, breakdowns and Lydonesque vocals .. 6 minutes 37 seconds of irrestible potential energies that leave the floor quaking long after its done.

Arguably the most User/Radio friendly of the three, "FleshWar" is a deconstructed homage to Total Control, Yaws stripping back the salient features to take the cover version as close to SPK as the original was to Orchestral Manouvres.

The Closer "Regression" is quite simply a mind fuck. Conflicting, Concussing and corrupting rhythms meld and then morph into a groove your body feels even as your brain continues its futile mission to unravel the component parts

Stoicism in E5 is released on September 21st , but you can pre-order now from the Detonic Store


What those nice people on the Interwebs say about Yaws:
"you are unlikely to come across anything as immediately strange and ultimately compelling as Yaws . The London-based, Adelaide-bred producer crafts dense sonic soundscapes as alien as the obscure tropical disease that forms his namesake.There are shades of HTRK‘s hazy electro-surrealism, alongside overtones of Factory Floor’s ruthless proto-punk industrialism." (http://whothehell.net)

"His sense of incremental coalescence, whether it be in sinuous percolating undercurrents or more garish buoyancy, manifests into a trancelike euphoria. Its clear that Yaws (AKA Dom Stephens) is beguiled by synthetic repetition that walks in the shadows as much as the light. The noise and static is measured yet always pregnant with acidic purpose, whether menacing or acerbic." (http://sonicmasala.blogspot.com.au)

DTX06 : Brisbane Mix Tape

Available from one place and for one night only : 28th August at the Bearded Lady in Brisbane, a copy of DTX06 will be given to each paying customer at the Detonics Presents Gig (while stocks last!).
Featuring tracks from each of the bands playing that night : Corporate Vibes, Yaws, mnttaB, Wolf Shield and Spirit Bunny....and many , many more.

Yaws : Regression
Minimal Techno for the critical cerebellum. Sailing very close to arhythmic chaos this track builds into a groove that defies its component parts. One of 3 bangers on the next Detonics release: a 'sew-on 3" Cd Single' due in late August. We negotiated Dom "Dj" status for the Gig, so hang around for unlimited audio dementia from midnight to infinity.
Spirit Bunny : Disco Horseride Montage
Irresistible pop hooks from this Brisbane 3 piece. Mixing live drums with antique/gaming electronic devices (and a fearsome beard) to produce a quite unique sound that would surely be on national daytime radio high rotation if God was still alive.

Wolf Shield : Her
Live drums propel ex-MassAppeal mouth Randy Reiman into another dimension on this early unreleased gem that sounds like it could have been a "Taking Tiger Mountain" outtake . Watch out for a full LP later this year from the French label "Exhibit" who F'ING POACHED HIM OFF OF DETONIC!!!

mnttaB : Spaceage Folksong
Nearly an instrumental, nearly a pop song, nearly a tune.  A track from the "Futures is static" release from earlier this year... huge in parts of Normandy. Apparently.

Corporate Vibes : Bass Strait
One of many great tunes on the forthcoming Cassette LP on "Moontown",  a concept album built around the Sydney-Hobart yacht race.. or maybe the sponsoring thereof : expect the stage show to run for years. Wet suit Chic.
Human Plastic Cup: You can always run away to your dreams
Beautiful post everything piano epicness with a start, a middle, and (all too soon) an end . The latest project from Scott Mclatchie (Diploid, WAAG, Twoson etc) who is as talented as he must be amnesiac and/or attention deficit.

Celiac : Promised you a Miracle
Ok, I'm very proud of the fact that I have never watched an episode of Friends, Im not so proud of the number of Simple Minds records in my collection. Miel Balestrat takes the knife to this Classic FM staple until all that is left on the Gurney is a bloated heart quivering in its gaping rib cage.

I Killed Techno: Sex and Violence
I Like covers , always have, this one is a note for note copy of the Exploited "classic" except with a grimy synth and a bratty Texan replacing Wattie and Co. IKT were the first band (of many) to refuse point blank to release anything with Detonic. (what exactly is an "Ethical Reason" ?? )

Strasbourg : Sexe and Violence
Someone told me this was also an exploited cover, but as done by a band who had never heard the original,....hmmm....now Im thinking that is a brilliant premise for a compilation! (coming soon to a bargain bin near you.. )

Schonwald : Slow Milk
Slightly more sex than violence (but only just) from the Italian boy girl duo.
They may be cute as a button ..but there's something nasty going on here : "Dragging her a circle skin, His face it doesn't fit, Very clean, Very nice, Very well."
Sensai Suicide club : make more golden sun games that franchise has nowhere to go butup
 A taste of what the yoof of Canada is actually capable of when it cuts loose, insane chiptune mayhem that unfolds into a great song, play in the car really loud with the windows down on the way to work. Also its worth checking their bandcamp every couple of days, they're prolific little buggers. Probly snowed in or something.
Tuxedo Gleam : Musique
Brooding synth-Goth gloom from the California based Gleamers. This was a candidate for inclusion on the Normalised Compilation so Ladies: check out their track on DTX04 if you want more of that Murphy Does Curtis on Korg action ....
Prison : Kundle
I fell in love with this band when they played on a dark autumn night in Fitzroy, it was a really magical evening, I ate a Falafell on the way home, it was dry. They played this tune, complete with handclaps and Im counting the days until they venture forth from Denmark again.