DTX03: School Damage - Break Up 7"

School Damage are  Carolyn, Jeff, Jake and Danielle. They come from Melbourne and Geelong and probably somewhere in between too.
This is their first record , its round, black and has 3 songs on it:  "Sick of You" opens with Danielles' monstrous bass growl, swelling with tom toms from Jeff (that really should have been played standing up) and guitar feedback into an ice cool verse and throwaway chorus that will make any fan of the Shop Assistants swoon.  Jakes' guitar kicks off "Butt Hurt" which promptly explodes into a full blown keyboard driven Fairground/Carousel orgy of boy/girl Vox that is pure pop-methadone.
B-Side Ballad "Break Up" is the Big-Haired Indie-Rock slow-burner that also-rans like the Vivian/DumDum/West Coast Girls would kill for, like all good FM rock the song goes on forever, Carolyns' keyboard eventually fading into the sunset over the Bay.

The debut 3 track 7" will be released in early August, available to preorder now from the Detonic Recordings store!!!