DTX07 : Yaws - Stoicism in E5 Cassette


Melbourne micro-label Detonic Recordings next release is a single from minimal Techno-terrorists Yaws.

Available in Digital and Cassette formats, DTX07 is 3 tracks of floor quaking goodness (including a brutal Total Control Dissection).

Each of the limited edition  of 70 tapes is accompanied by an attractive embroidered patch.

The lead track "UP" has almost dubbie moments of dementia as it seesaws between bass surges, breakdowns and Lydonesque vocals .. 6 minutes 37 seconds of irrestible potential energies that leave the floor quaking long after its done.

Arguably the most User/Radio friendly of the three, "FleshWar" is a deconstructed homage to Total Control, Yaws stripping back the salient features to take the cover version as close to SPK as the original was to Orchestral Manouvres.

The Closer "Regression" is quite simply a mind fuck. Conflicting, Concussing and corrupting rhythms meld and then morph into a groove your body feels even as your brain continues its futile mission to unravel the component parts

Stoicism in E5 is released on September 21st , but you can pre-order now from the Detonic Store


What those nice people on the Interwebs say about Yaws:
"you are unlikely to come across anything as immediately strange and ultimately compelling as Yaws . The London-based, Adelaide-bred producer crafts dense sonic soundscapes as alien as the obscure tropical disease that forms his namesake.There are shades of HTRK‘s hazy electro-surrealism, alongside overtones of Factory Floor’s ruthless proto-punk industrialism." (http://whothehell.net)

"His sense of incremental coalescence, whether it be in sinuous percolating undercurrents or more garish buoyancy, manifests into a trancelike euphoria. Its clear that Yaws (AKA Dom Stephens) is beguiled by synthetic repetition that walks in the shadows as much as the light. The noise and static is measured yet always pregnant with acidic purpose, whether menacing or acerbic." (http://sonicmasala.blogspot.com.au)