DTX08 : Data Corruption 12" LP

So this is a concept album, where the original concept was a split album with Radiowave artistes covering Detonic songs and Vice Versa. 
It kinda lost the plot along the way but go with the idea there was a concept to start with… don’t get hung up on any of the finer/legal/factual details of what it actually ended up as. 
Collaboration is a bit strong a word for what happened too, despite swapping some lyrics and the odd Chord sequence each side was put together in isolation. We never heard the other songs, or even saw a track listing until the record was being put into production.. nothing wrong with stirring a good healthy serve of random into the mix. 
Ok, on our side we have real bands, we have people who claim to be bands, bands who don’t really exist, and people who have never even heard of Detonic Recordings.. but what matters this is a really strong set of tunes and it all makes up a great album. 
All songs here were recorded especially for the project and a ton of thanks goes out to all who contributed and gave their time/talent. 

WolfShield :Crazy recluse snake whisperer living in the wilds of NSW or born again techno drone superstar? maybe a bit of both.. only time will tell. Randy tackled the Project Dark song “Nudge Nudge” and the end result is so much better than the sum of its parts, squared. 
School Damage : Just Caz and Jake from the Melbourne based four piece were sufficient to blow the lid off this reinvention of the Hot Pants’ banger “Lift Off”. 
Infecticide : Thomas was given licence to rewrite the lyrics to this one, on the condition that the resulting tune was totally deconstructed from the Original ( “Atomic Suplexed by a girl” by Atomic Suplex) .… my French aint so good and the original is unintelligible so who knows what went on. Paris Dix Points. 
Piss Prunes: The Detonic house band …featuring Honary (or is that Ornery??) Victorian Jon Free on guitar and Sarah McKenna’s lungs. The brief for the Super Snipes “Aint no Nuthin” rework was to meltdown the primal garage stomper with a Big Black blowtorch. Another interpretation that is proudly unrecognisable next to the source material. 
Diesel Dudes: Direct to video as always but taking the scenic route : Oakland never sounded so f**d up… the boys have taken Sexton Mings homage to Tony Curtis and transformed it into a 16 part HBO sword and sandal cage-fight slasher smackdown: “I am Spartacus” – I don’t hear anyone arguing. 
Waterfall Person: The Melbourne midi-core legend lines up all of her Cash Convertor Bontempis to cover the London Dirthole Company classic “Never Made Me Cry”. An arrangement that is apparently embellished (as all good tunes should be) with the sound of 8bit mating tree frogs.
mnttaB : One man digital punk apologist mnttaB covers a number by old mates Headbutt. Recorded live in Rennes “The Shooting Party” was an early single from the North London Bass and Bashing combo. No lyrics were forthcoming so don’t look for any deep messages on this one. 
Our Cover art is from Carolyn Hawkins whose wonderful creations can be discovered here: http://www.carolyn-hawkins.com/