DTX10 : VvvV LP

Available now DTX10 - the self titled VvvV album. Released on Vinyl, Limited edition Compact Disk and Digital.
VvvV are a 2 piece from Bordeaux France, their music is  intelligent and layered post-punk synth-wave that transcends any attempt to pigeon hole their sound.

"En témoigne un premier extrait évident, "Clean", et son entêtante ritournelle diabolique "Hello it's me again". 

This is their Debut LP but the 9 songs show a level of confidence and some epic songwriting that puts the band way out in front of any peers they may have.

"...himmlischen Streichern und höllischen Orgeln surren, flimmern und dröhnen sie uns in psychedelische Welten."

Detonic Recordings have partnered with the French Au Trante Du Tante River Records to release the Physical Vinyl and CD, Global Digital distribution will be via Believe Digital.

"this duo creates forceful, dark and brooding coldwave tracks. Pulling inspiration from electronics, psychedelia, punk and pop, their approach to modern synthwave is electrifying."

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"This Is not trying, this is executing.
Night drive to digest everything, (un)spoken words, broken glass on the ground, the addiction and loss, hard decision, a dance for the end
All these images were evoked while I listened to the nine tracks debut LP by VvvV. it's epic as our inner untold  stories, quite enjoyable if you feel attraction to synthpunk soundscapes.
In Alive the sadness sounds triumphant, the dead line, Clean is already added to my ''planning vengeance'' playlist, Slugs is effervescent, fast, music for strobes and running away Nation and Beast are two perfect fit for a Cyberpunk film.
The album as a whole is great, well balanced in dark moods, it's fierce but melodic, so you can dance, shake your head or just feel the atmospheres."