DTX11 : Ex Fulgur - Noire Sont Ls Galaxies LP

Welcome to "Noires Sont Les Galaxies" LP from Ex Fulgur,
Its minimal and dense, dark and elegant, sexy and cerebral and at times a little wobbly.
File under Sleaford Mods meet the Ex in an 80's Coldwave House Party.

Ex Fulgur is a band with two guys and a girl who are 80s' no wave post punk fans but  also also harbour a big love for the 90s' noise scene. They met each other in Rennes, Brittany, France  and this is still the place where they  continue in their peculiar way to make  music.


Odilon Violet : vocals
Saitam : machines
Mistress Bomb H : guitar 

All tracks by Ex Fulgur
Recorded by Damien Tillaut
Mixed by Ex Fulgur
Mastered by Damien Tillaut
Artwork by Badame L'Ambasadrise
Layout and insert by Odilon Violet
Produced by Kerviniou Recordz, Detonic Recordings & Le Secret, Released in March 2017