DTX13: Metal Disco - Devil Explicit EP

Detonic Recordings are excited to announce release DTX13 - the brooding and brutal new EP from Rhodes, Greece based Post-EBM outfit Metal Disco.

The 6 song EP unwinds from the stifling intensity of title Track "Devil explicit" to its claustrophobic conclusion with the epic "Rush", the hook laden single "Silence In Your Eyes" offering only scant release from the pressure of a genre redefining but bruising collection of pitch black Ice-wave.

Metal Disco is the solo project of "Toxic Razor", well known for his work with Cult 
Darkwave legends Paradox Obscur. Little more than this is known because nothing is disclosed from behind the wall of misinformation and masked anonymity Metal Disco present to the world.

The primary format of the release is a Type-II High Bias Chrome Cassette packaged in a handmade red leatherette pouch, accompanying the tape is a lyric booklet, sticker, badge and download code. The EP is also available on CD with Global Digital Distribution by Believe Digital.
"(Metal Disco) take you back to the days of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF), The Klinik, Liaisons Dangereuses, Borghesia, The Normal, and even a little bit of Gary Numan. They aren’t imitating these electronic deities either, they’re paralleling them, if anything."  - http://comamusicmagazine.com

 "A style that feels like a minimal synth version of Giorgio Moroder with a dark undertone in Snowy Red or Fad Gadget-style. So yes, it feels like it was made in 1983 and that’s the beauty of it! You can dance to it, perhaps you will cry when you hear it, who knows you will be frightened as it has a damn cold sound."  - http://peek-a-boo-magazine.be