DTX14 : I Killed Techno! - From The Mask To The Grave

A 21 track introduction to the world of ITK! a world where Wild-man Fischer invented Screamo ... at the same time as his girlfriend invented Chip-tune ..... and every night on the 6 o'clock news its just a montage of zombie/slasher horror flicks...and dinner everyday was a Big-Mac, with KFC on Sunday if you were lucky.....
It aint that much of a stretch...
Welcome to the world of I Killed Techno!!

1.I Came Naked To Impress Your Neighbors 01:28
2.My Pixel Heart 01:52
3.Planet Zombie 02:47
4.12th Hits Maple 02:08
5.jordy verill is br00t41!!!! 00:14
6.A Thousand Ghosts In The Midst Of Dawn 01:20
7.Lets Disco! 02:36
8.Choking On My Own Thoughts 04:44
9.La Fin Absolue Du Monde 02:55
10.Dawn Of The Final Day 02:38
11.Ed Gein Is My Interior Decorator 01:34
12.Albert & Grace (A Love Song) 01:36
13.I'll See You In Disneyland 04:18
14.Rika Naku Ikenai 02:19
15.S&M Killed Blondie 02:48
16.Teeth Eating Teeth 01:42
17.Teenage Wet Dream 04:44
18.I Wanna Party With Charles Manson 02:21
19.Space Adventures 02:33
20.Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast 02:56
21.I Wanna Fuck ChloĆ« Moretz 03:05