DTX033: Distant Stars - Car Crashes and Heart Attacks EP

Heres the new release from Distant Stars... the "Car Crashes and Heart Attacks"  EP: 3 tracks of self-isolated beats and housebound synths from the Melbourne/Caen duo.

Pendant le confinement, voici notre nouveau morceau,écrit tandis que nous étions dans l’œil du cyclone . Trois minutes et des poussières de répit, pour soulager les angoisses générées par ces instants si particuliers.

Horrible sandwiches, take away rubbish
(take away, take away)
I think I'm getting used to being locked down
I think I'm enjoying this.....

"Car Crashes and Heart Attacks" is the inevitable lockdown release from Distant stars, a 3 and a bit minute visit to our trans-global doldrums to hopefully ease yours...

"Hypnotic video captures the colors of a flame in a ritualistic dance, igniting a world of hidden ideas and emotions while spinning layers of subliminal dreamscapes cast dimension under a lonely isolated backdrop of a ho-hum laundromat wherein lies an endless assortment of inspiration." White Light/WhiteHeat.